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Managing For Impact leadership program accelerates Mission Possible’s success

Mission Possible

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Mission Possible, a Downtown Eastside social enterprise, helps people struggling with poverty and homelessness transform their lives through meaningful work. Its services include building maintenance, recycling and artisan gardening.

Vancity offered Mission Possible’s executive director, Brian Postlewait, an opportunity to participate in a leadership development program that has facilitated positive change in himself and his employees. Two not-for-profit members are invited to join Vancity managers in the Managing for Impact training course, which delivers leadership knowledge and often improves business results.

Brian was surprised to find how much the program helped him grow personally. He’s found meetings have become more focused and effective, allowing more to be done in less time. “The experience was transformative in terms of how I handle myself,” says Brian. “I also was able to translate the management tips for my staff, so the whole team is benefitting. And employees are teaching these skills to others.”