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Hard-to-employ workers given a leg up with the JustWork Economic Initiative


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In 2003, Grandview Calvary Baptist church (near Commercial Drive) started thinking about the employment challenges faced by some members of their church and community. Wanting to address this issue, in 2004 the JustWork Economic Initiative was born.

Initially an incubator to support new Canadians starting their own business, JustWork quickly launched its first social enterprise, the JustGarden landscaping company. JustGarden provides part-time employment to people otherwise unable to hold permanent jobs due to physical or mental health challenges.

Encouraged by the success of JustGarden, JustWork has launched a number of other social enterprises. JustPotters makes handcrafted ceramic pottery for individuals and businesses. JustCatering offers delicious food for business meetings, events, and parties. JustRenos is a renovations and painting service. All of these initiatives blend financial and social goals, building dignity and community through work. Vancity has contributed several grants to these projects.