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Fairware Promotional Products delivers swag with a conscience


About this story

Organizations concerned with the social and environmental impact of promotional swag have long had a challenge sourcing products that reflect their values. It's a need that Fairware aims to meet, selling what it bills as "promotional products for your conscience."

Fairware researches companies that manufacture promotional products to ensure they meet leading international environmental and workers' rights standards. Fairware also hires local people, sources as many local products as possible, and ensures that the merchandise it sells adheres to strict social and environmental standards.

Fairware's first client was Vancity and since then the business has also moved its line of credit to the credit union. Joseph Duro, the Vancity account manager who worked to secure Fairware as a client, describes how the company "fits the Vancity mantra."

"They hire local people, they source as many local products as possible, and we know their products meet our social and environmental standards."