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Vancouver’s Tiny Talent makes big dreams come true

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"When getting the business off the ground was tough, and even now when I face challenges in my business, I think about Vancity and about how they believed in me when no other financial institution would." – Lawra Linda Bawman, Founder of Tiny Talent

Tiny Talent Inc., established in 2006 by Lawra Linda Bawman, is a Vancouver-based talent agency that nurtures, mentors and builds child actors’ careers toward their goals. Her dream is to help children reach beyond what they think is possible; to provide the educational tools in arts and performing arts that are necessary for achieving success in self-expression and creative career paths. It is one of the only talent agencies in Canada that exclusively represents children.

Lawra started her company following a successful modelling career. After searching for a business loan at different financial institutions, she was dismayed to discover that most wanted her to have a male co-signer. Lawra was thrilled, therefore, to receive a start-up microloan from Vancity.

“I feel supported by a financial institution that cares for small businesses and women entrepreneurs,” says Lawra. “When I face challenges in my business I think about Vancity, about how they believed in me when no other financial institution would, and this motivates me even more in my work.”