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Aboriginal not-for-profit society finds a home


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When the Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) found itself outgrowing its offices in Tsawout on the Saanich Peninsula, it was unsure where it would find the funds to expand. What the Society really needed was its own space to create a stable, supportive and welcoming learning environment that could also accommodate the traditional cultural practices incorporated in their programming.

Recognizing the value of this society to the community, Vancity provided a loan for 100 per cent of the purchase price of a building that would suit the organization’s needs.

This building has provided a significant boost to the society and the community. From a financial perspective, the asset builds organizational stability and strength. And from a community perspective, IPS can develop new skills and capacity for itself and other local service providers.

With a more stable financial future, the society is taking on new contracts, looking at expanding into social enterprises and considering building an even larger facility.


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