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Affordable housing for BC’s seniors

Affordable housing for BC’s seniors

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    HFBC Housing Foundation
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    Vancouver, BC
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    Affordable housing
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If you’re a senior on a limited income, finding an affordable place to call home can be particularly difficult in Vancouver, with its sky-high rents.

However, some rental buildings, like those operated by the HFBC Housing Foundation, tie your rent to your income, giving you a bit of financial breathing room at the end of each month. One of BC’s oldest social enterprises, HFBC operates 25 buildings and approximately 875 income-based rent-controlled apartment units.

Vancity worked with HFBC last year when it had two mortgages up for renewal. Vancity consolidated the mortgages, giving HFBC the flexibility to pursue new opportunities to increase its rental stock.

Vancity is committed to supporting the affordable housing sector. When we can make it easier for people to find a place to live, we believe it strengthens individuals, families and communities.