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JJ Trucketeria - Feeding the South Hill community

JJs Trucketeria

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"We definitely feel lucky with Vancity. We came in with an idea and were worried they wouldn't accept us, but they saw our potential and believed we would be successful. It was a breath of fresh air!" -- Jordan Oregas, JJ Trucketeria

Jordan Oregas walked into Vancity with an idea and came out with an application form and the confidence he needed to open his own food truck.

After 12 years of working as a chef in Yaletown, Jordan Oregas decided it was time to set off on his own. Together with his business partner and long-time friend Jeff, they built a business plan that focused on offering healthy, affordable meals to residents of the South Hill community. This, along with their focus on locally sourced ingredients, made them a perfect fit for Vancity's microloan program.

JJ Trucketeria, named after Jordan and Jeff's dream of having a cafeteria on wheels, drew inspiration from the neighbourhood for its menu. South Hill has a huge East Indian and Asian population, as well as a strong Filipino influence. Jordan and Jeff chose the South Hill neighbourhood for its cultural diversity and plethora of young people. There are schools, colleges and a library nearby, and Jordan wanted to be where kids are so they could teach them that eating healthy, local food can also taste great.