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"Our values are consistent with those of Vancity members." -- Rajinder Bagga, Everland Natural Foods

With hundreds of years of business people in his family tree, there was never any doubt what Rajinder Bagga would do when he grew up. Add in his beliefs about non-violence and the environment and you have the co-founder and CEO of one of Western Canada’s most respected natural foods companies, Everland Natural Foods.

Vancity’s dedication to helping local, socially and environmentally responsible companies made for a natural partnership with Everland. When the company sought an equipment loan and a line of credit to help finance its expansion, Vancity stepped in with the financing and also awarded Everland a Climate Smart scholarship. The initiative helps educate organizations like Everland on how to reduce operating costs by measuring and decreasing their carbon footprint.

Everland has been using a cornstarch-based packaging for its New World® Bliss Balls® and Live Bars® that breaks down in landfills, and skylights in its plant to cut down the need for electric lighting. Committed to respecting the environment and growing a sustainable business, Everland is a true local leader.