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Shift delivers the goods with zero-emission cargo tricycles

Shift delivery co-op

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As a group of young people starting a new and unique enterprise, we have been extremely impressed by Vancity’s effective and invaluable support. Vancity’s respect and genuine support for our team and our business have been remarkable. Robyn Ashwell, co-founder, Shift Delivery

Shift Delivery is out to change the world—or at least the way the world delivers its cargo. Using heavy-duty cargo tricycles to distribute last-mile goods in downtown Vancouver, Shift offers an environmentally friendly and socially progressive alternative to traditional, truck-based cargo hauling.

“We are tackling the challenges of urban logistics, congestion and pollution in Vancouver's downtown,” says Shift co-founder Ben Wells, “and we outcompete truck deliveries across multiple categories: efficiency, sustainability, safety, and flexibility.” Trikes have the advantage of being able to travel along uncongested bike lanes, and they can park on a sidewalk directly beside a business’ front door, thereby increasing efficiency.

With its zero-tailpipe-emissions delivery model and emphasis on providing a living wage and skills development for its workers, Shift was a natural candidate for Vancity financing. Vancity provided Shift with a line of credit to help with its start-up, while Vancity Community Foundation supplied a grant through the Social Enterprise Portfolio Program.


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