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QuickMobile and Vancity envision a future with paperless conferences

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Conferences, events and meetings are notorious for producing huge quantities of printed paper that ultimately end up getting thrown out. QuickMobile, a mobile event application business, aims to reduce this waste paper by replacing event publications with customized mobile applications (apps) that event-goers can access easily though their tablets or smartphones. It’s an innovative solution that is gaining traction with some of the world’s biggest companies, with Google, Accenture, Intel, Dell, Hilton and many more signing on.

Recognizing QuickMobile’s marriage of a strong business model with strong environmental stewardship, Vancity stepped up growth capital financing to help QuickMobile continue to develop its technologies and expand its market.

With some estimates placing the number of conferences in the United States alone at 1.8 million annually, with over 205 million attendees, the potential for growth seems limitless—as does the potential to drastically reduce wasted paper.