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Galiano Conservancy Association establishes nature preserve

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Galiano Conservancy Association, a not-for-profit society dedicated to the protection of Galiano Island’s natural heritage, was in line to buy and restore 188 acres of breathtaking land on Galiano Island when a fundraising shortfall threatened to scuttle the whole deal.

That’s when Vancity stepped in with a bridge loan*, enabling the land purchase and giving the association breathing room to reach its fundraising goal. As a result, the association will restore a multitude of ecosystems and begin building the Galiano Restorative Learning Centre—a facility for overnight stays complete with kitchen, classroom, theatre and work spaces within easy walking distance of restoration projects.

“The project is such a valuable combination of environmental and social benefits,” says Vancity account manager Rebecca Pearson. “The whole Vancity team really wanted to make this work.”

* Financing secured through the Resilient Capital Program. Resilient Capital™ is an investment program dedicated to accelerating the growth of organizations with proven business models that add to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of their communities. The Resilient Capital Program is made possible by a partnership between Vancity and Vancouver Foundation. Learn more.