Flooring specialist aims for clean footprint

Flooring specialist aims for clean footprint

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Vancity’s funding of a $200,000 loan for Bay Resource Group Inc. in January 2011 tells a story of our member’s success and growth. But it is also an endorsement of the ‘green’ methods and materials this manufacturer and distributor of innovative flooring is committed to using in its operations.

Bay Resource Group Inc. owner Ed Van Oene and his wife Lenore are excited that the majority of their flooring jobs are LEED Gold or Platinum compliant. Using recycled and recyclable flooring materials, including ‘green’ adhesive, has proven to be not just good for our environment but also for the company. “We’ve just had our busiest quarter in nineteen years in business,” says Ed, proving that it is possible to operate a healthy, profitable company while still caring about and honouring our environment.


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