How we're changing banking for the better.

How we're changing
banking for the better.

A:We’re not afraid to say it, profit matters. But there’s a difference between us and some other profit-seeking enterprises. At Vancity, profits go back to our members and their communities.

Yes, we want to make a profit. Because profit creates wealth—financial and economic prosperity. But our definition of wealth includes other things too. Like social well-being, environmental health, and community strength. Without all of these, there can be no such thing as a vibrant community. So who’s profiting from your deposits? You are. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And the service fees on your deposits are invested in Vancity’s technology, and service-focused enhancements as well as addressing regulatory requirements. They strengthen our capital base, operations and organization to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our members and their communities.

What we're doing

  • We shared $18.3-million with members in 2013
    Through our Shared Success program, we share 30% of our net profits with members and communities.
  • Member preferred rates
    Eligible Vancity members get great rates on mortgages and other loans.
  • Our Vancity enviro™ Visa® Card
    Get the option of no annual fee while earning rewards that let you achieve your financial goals, travel, redeem for merchandise, or donate generously to your favorite charity. It’s the Visa that aligns with your values.

Want to learn more?

  • Building the community
    To us, profit extends beyond financial well-being. With your deposits we can fund innovative social, economic, and sustainability initiatives that our entire community can benefit from.
  • A proud supporter of community programs and events
    We believe that we can only truly prosper as individuals if we are connected to a healthy, .