How we're changing banking for the better.

How we're changing
banking for the better.

A: When you bank with Vancity, your deposits earn competitive returns for you while we put them to work right here, in your community.

Here’s how it works: when you deposit money with us, we pool your deposits with other members’ deposits and loan them to growing local businesses—businesses that help to make this place even better. We also loan deposits out as mortgages so members can own their own homes. Those loans generate income for us, which comes back to you in the form of interest on your deposit.

Banking with Vancity means your money stays here, where it was earned, helping you and the people who live here prosper. It’s this local approach that makes us different and helps to create a more vibrant local economy while meeting your financial needs.

What we're doing

  • Our approach to impact lending
    We want to continually increase the proportion of lending we do that has a positive community impact. Here’s how we do it.
  • Investing in local organic food with purpose
    Vancity has supported Sole Food Street Farms with loans and other financing.
  • Jumpstart® High Interest Savings Account
    Know where your deposits are going. Our Jumpstart® High Interest Savings Account helps you reach your financial goals sooner while supporting the people in our communities with financial tools to build a strong and vibrant economy.

Want to learn more?

  • Our local mandate
    Learn more about why we believe banking local is better banking.
  • How local businesses help communities stay strong
    This great infographic explains how support for local business actually helps you.
  • Our business process
    See how your deposits are put to work in the local economy.