How we're changing banking for the better.

How we're changing
banking for the better.

A:Your decision to bank with us is a huge vote in favour of businesses doing their part to make our economy greener. Because when it comes to the environment, we don’t just talk the talk.

At Vancity, we walk the eco-friendly walk. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2008, we recycle as much as possible, and we use green building materials in our facilities. Since we began reducing energy use from our buildings, we estimate we’ve saved more than $4 million in energy costs—savings that we’re now able to invest back into our communities.

We also make loans to emerging eco-business and we’re investing in environmental industries that show financial promise. Those loans are funded directly by your deposits. By banking with us, you help us support a growing range of green businesses and sustainability ideas.

What we're doing

  • Our Vancity enviro™ Visa® Card
    Earn great rewards, while supporting organizations that address local environmental issues. It’s the Visa that aligns with your values.
  • Clean air vehicle loan
    We’re making it easier to choose vehicles that emit less carbon by offering preferential loan rates to members.
  • Investing in progress
    We’re making investments in impact businesses such as Recycling Alternative, a company working hard to build our local green economy.

Want to learn more?

  • Learning, networking, resources and events
    Are you a business owner? your business can reduce its impact on the environment.
  • How we became carbon neutral
    We wanted to take action against climate change. So we did. Here’s how, and why.