How we're changing banking for the better.

How we're changing
banking for the better.

A: We are a local business. We were born here, at a kitchen table in East Vancouver, way back in 1946. And we’re still true to our local roots. When you bank with Vancity, your deposits stay here, helping local residents own homes, build businesses, create jobs, and enable social change. All the while, earning competitive returns for you.

As a community credit union we understand the power of local dollars. Our members’ deposits turn into member loans, so that more wealth gets invested, shared, and spent in our communities.

What we're doing

  • Our impact lending and investing program
    Providing credit helps members and their communities thrive.
  • We are a living wage employer
    We set the precedent and became a Living Wage Employer in May 2011—the largest organization in Canada to do so at that time.

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