How we're changing banking for the better.

How we're changing
banking for the better.

A:Food matters. A lot. As more of us appreciate the importance of locally grown food, we believe there’s a tremendous business opportunity to support producers, distributors, and retailers who are committed to organic and sustainable agriculture.

Your deposits are helping us grow the local food economy. In 2011, we made over $2.5-million in high-impact loans to the sector; that number doubled to $5.7-million in 2012. Through these investments, we’re building a reputation and a network within the industry, becoming the lender of choice to new businesses that are growing local.

Local food benefits everyone. Local food is fresher, tastier and it’s better for the environment too. Eating food grown here reduces carbon emissions and encourages local entrepreneurship and job creation. That’s good for everyone.

What we're doing

  • Supporting farmers’ markets
    Through the Vancity Community Foundation we’ve financed throughout our communities, ensuring our neighbours have access to local, organic food.
  • enviroFund™ supports local food system
    enviroFund is investing in innovative, larger-scale projects that will increase local sustainable food production and lead to the growth of this sector.
  • Microloan helps urban farm business take root
    Vancity helped Food Pedalers with their initial growth through the Local Food Micro-Loan Fund.

Want to learn more?

  • City of Vancouver’s local food program
    The City of Vancouver wants to increase city-wide and neighbourhood food assets by a minimum of 50% over 2010 levels.