Social media

Our approach to social media

Vancity is a member-owned, community-based credit union. We want to be an organization that develops community value through everything we do. We want to engage with people about issues that matter to them and where we can make the greatest impact in our communities.

Hearing your feedback on what we do and how we do it will help us get to where we want to go. Social media channels are one great way for us to have these conversations, so come hang out with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Social media is all about people and Vancity is full of great people, from our employees to our members, whether they deal with us as individuals, business owners or people who work at local not-for-profit organizations. Our approach to social media is that our employees, who interact with our members daily in the real world, should represent us online as well. We give them some guidelines and then ask them to bring their unique perspective to our larger conversation. That’s why on Twitter, for example, you’ll often find us retweeting comments made by our employees—and of course, by our members!

Vancity upholds everyone’s right to privacy online, and we ask our employees to do the same. We will never discuss a member’s personal transactions or account information online and instead direct our members to contact their branch or our Member Service Centre at 1.888.Vancity, so that their confidential information can be kept confidential.

We hope you’ll meet us online to let us know what’s going on in your world and how the work we do as a member-owned financial institution can help. We’d also like you to let us know when we’ve done a great—or not so great—job of serving you. As for us, you can expect us to let you know what we’re up to and how our members are building communities by building their wealth with us.