Visa Security & Protection

The security of your personal and credit card information is very important to us, which is why we provide 24/7 fraud monitoring of your enviro™ Visa* card, and issue cards with Chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) technology.

Benefits of Chip and PIN technology

Chip and PIN is a proven technology that provides you with a high level of cardholder security and convenience. Chip technology is already available in over 86 countries and the majority of merchants have now changed to chip terminals to make your transactions even more secure.

How it works

The microchip is embedded in your enviro Visa card and is virtually impossible to duplicate. The computer chip in your card communicates with the chip terminal where you are making a purchase, validating who you are through your unique PIN. It's simple to use and you'll receive full instructions when you receive your new or replacement card.

How do I choose my PIN?

For your security, once you receive your enviro Visa card, call 1.888.514.6839 immediately. The automated phone system will guide you through your PIN selection by first requesting you to key in the 16-digit reference number located on your card carrier. Select a 4-digit PIN that will not be easily guessed. Some combinations to avoid are birthdates, addresses, and telephone numbers.

How do I change my PIN?

If you’d like to change your PIN in the future, keep the card carrier that your enviro Visa card was attached to. It contains the Reference Number required to successfully select a new PIN. If you’ve discarded your card carrier and need to re-PIN your card, please contact us to request a new Reference Number.

Please note that Chip and PIN technology is not yet available on Prepaid Visa products in Canada.

The first time you use your enviro Visa card

The very first time you use your new card, you’ll need to insert your card into the terminal. After that, you can choose to make quick and easy payments by simply waving your card over a secure reader. payWave® contactless technology is safe and secure It’s for purchases of up to $100 at participating stores. In most cases, there’s no need to swipe your card, key in a PIN, or sign a receipt. The purchase will be authorized, processed and billed the same secure way it is today.

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout makes paying online even more convenient with just one simple login. And, your payment information is protected with advanced security technologies including multiple layers of authentication to put your mind at ease. Register your Vancity enviro™ Visa card for free and voilà –safe, fast and easy online shopping.

Verified by Visa (VbV) Service

Verified by Visa® (VbV) is a free credit card protection service that helps make the online shopping experience more secure for both cardholders and merchants. Every time you make an online purchase at participating retailers with your enviro Visa, VbV works behind the scenes to analyze the transaction, verify that you are indeed the cardholder, and mitigate any fraudulent activity.

As a result of enhancements made in 2013, cardholders are no longer required to register for the service or enter a password when making online purchases at VbV retailers. Instead, in the rare occasion a transaction requires further authentication, cardholders will be prompted to call a Vancity Cardholder Care representative.

Make Good Money™

When you choose and use an enviro Visa card, you earn great rewards, while making good things happen in your community through the enviroFund™ granting program.

Just by using your card for daily transactions, you ensure every year a portion of Vancity enviro Visa card's profits are distributed back to your local community. We call it Good Money.

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Toll-free in North America: 1.800.611.8472
International toll-free: IAC-800-500-0707-0
(IAC = International Access Code, varies by country)

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