Discretionary investment management

Achieve holistic wellness: mental, physical and financial

From food to exercise to community engagement, you make choices with the aim of being your best self every day. Your portfolio also requires careful consideration and day-to-day management; we’re here to help you with that. If your account size is north of $500,000, you may be looking for discretionary investment management services to help meet your specific financial objectives.

At Vancity Investment Management Ltd. (VCIM), our team of professionals uses a disciplined approach to create a customized portfolio that reflects your investment goals. And from there, your own dedicated Investment Portfolio Manager can make strategic decisions – day-in and day-out – on your behalf. All within a low-cost management fee framework that compares very favourably to other options.

At-a-glance advantages include:

  • direct access to an experienced and dedicated portfolio manager;
  • a customized portfolio comprised of individual securities like high-quality bonds, stocks, and other marketable securities as opposed to mutual funds;
  • a low-cost management fee structure that compares favorably to other investment options. (And, please note, fees for non-registered accounts are usually tax deductible.); and
  • disciplined investing under a philosophy based on prudent investment principles aimed at achieving consistently solid, long-term, above-average returns.

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