Opening an account

If you are new to Vancity

Step 1. Find out what is required.  Please select your business/organization entity type from the list below. Click on your selection to open the instruction sheet which details the documentation and information required to begin the account opening process:

Please note: if you're unable to access the PDF in your browser, please right click on the hyperlink and save a copy to your computer.

Step 2. Prepare. Gather the documents outlined in Section 1 of the instruction sheet. Complete the information requested in Sections 2 & 3. The instruction sheets can be completed online and printed, or if you prefer, you may print a blank form(s) and complete by hand. 

Step 3. Contact us. Chose the Vancity branch location that best fits your needs.

Call 604.877.7000 to arrange a convenient meeting time and to arrange for delivery of the documents and completed instruction sheet(s) prior to that meeting time.

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