Vancity Member Health Benefits Plan

I was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable coverage is. Laura S., freelance web designer
Having a health plan has made easier to attract talent—and keep it too. Mike C., software entrepreneur
Why does my business need health benefits?  Your business works best when you and your people are healthy and happy. By investing in the health of those who work in your business (including you!), you’re working to boost productivity, making it easier to attract and keep talented people, and building a workplace culture of trust and respect. That could have direct and tangible impact on your bottom line, helping your business gain a competitive advantage in a constantly changing, increasingly challenging business environment.

We want the local economy to thrive. That’s why we’ll invest 3% of the plan’s net profits to directly support education, advocacy and community resources for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

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Have more than 10 employees?

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Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for the Vancity Member Health Benefits plan, you must be a
Vancity member in good standing who:

  • provides independent business services;
  • has been self-employed or in business for at least six months;
  • is a Canadian resident;
  • provides a health care benefits plan for no more than ten (10)employees
    (employee enrollment can be optional);
  • is currently enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Custom health benefits designed for small businesses and self-employed individuals like you.

Whether you have a growing team or whether you’re a self-employed individual, the Vancity Member Health Benefits Plan gives you access to the same stable, quality health benefits that big businesses enjoy.

The health benefits you need

Vancity members have access to the Vancity Member Health Benefits Plan, which provides a wide range of health benefits coverage, including: