Social Media Policy for Vancity Employees


The purpose of this policy is to guide Vancity Group employees in their use of social media. Vancity employees who participate in social media sites in their professional capacity or who wish to comment on Vancity-related issues in their personal capacity must adhere to these guidelines.


  1. I will never disclose member information or discuss a member’s financial situation on social media because I know that protection of members’ private information is paramount. The same is true for confidential information about Vancity and its employees.
  2. I will be myself online.
  3. I will always be respectful and will never say something online that I wouldn't say in front of my grandma.
  4. I will always be truthful and if I inadvertently make a mistake, I will make every effort to correct it as soon as possible.
  5. I will use casual, friendly language.
  6. I agree that profanity and hateful language is never appropriate.
  7. I will always be transparent and identify myself as a Vancity employee if I am discussing Vancity online while not using an official Vancity account.
  8. I will remember that what I write in social media cannot be retracted and becomes a permanent part of the public record. I will think twice and write once.
  9. I will always be respectful and polite when I disagree with someone on social media.
  10. I know it is not productive to get into an argument with someone online. I know that when online conversations go sideways I can choose not to respond or I can ask for assistance from my manager.
  11. I will make sure that my social media activities don't interfere with my job. Helping members and colleagues takes precedence over any social media work that needs to be done.
  12. I will not give financial advice unless I am qualified to do so. If I give financial advice on social media sites, I'll keep it general and won't mention specific rates.
  13. I will only discuss specific investments and returns if I am qualified/registered to do so.

Content suggestions

Social media is about engaging the community and building relationships—it's not about marketing and sales. So don't just talk about Vancity products and services. Provide helpful information and relevant links that will be of interest to our members and the public. And remember, we want to encourage people to talk to us so be sure to ask questions and support interaction with participants.

Some examples:

  • Sharing celebratory events at your branch to encourage attendance (such as Diwali celebrations, food bank drive, local community celebration)
  • Sharing photos of past events
  • Announcing a new product or service
  • Branch fundraising efforts (such as Angel Trees)
  • Sharing financial news not necessarily related to Vancity (such as a news article on RRSPs or a study on first-time home buyers)

A word about photos

You are encouraged to take photos and upload them to Twitter; however, it is common courtesy to ask members if they mind having their photos taken at a small, in-branch event. If you are at a large public event (such as PNE Member Day) it is not necessary to ask for permission.

Regardless of where the photo is taken, do not post photos of children or celebrities (even local ones) on Twitter or Facebook. In addition, do not post photos of anyone – staff included – in an unflattering pose. We all have awkward moments and no one wants to see a photo of themselves making a funny face or spilling a cup of coffee on someone posted to Twitter or Facebook.

Last updated: September 13, 2012