Vancity supports Spa Dog organic dog grooming studio

Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa

About this story

Many people consider their dog to be a member of their family. From organic treats to dog walkers, play dates to belly rubs, it truly is a dog's life. It was this fact that led animal lovers Adam Coladipietro and Hilary Barchash to open Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa, an organic dog grooming studio just off Commercial Drive.

At Spa Dog all of the products, from shampoos to toothpastes, are made from certified-organic ingredients, including natural essential oils that leave your dog smelling clean instead of perfumed. The owners test everything on themselves first (they would never test on animals!).

Such dedication made them a perfect candidate for Vancity's microloan program, as Vancity is always looking to invest in local businesses that enhance the environmental and social sustainability of the community.