Crocodile Baby sees the 'big picture'

About this story

Crocodile Baby is a retailer of baby and nursery goods with a philosophy to sell durable, elegant and natural products and reduce the possibility of babies and young children inhaling or ingesting harmful chemicals. The owners put great effort into choosing products that are made of biodegradable and recyclable materials by manufacturers who are committed to not using child labour.

Vancity, which has supplied Crocodile Baby with an operating line of credit and a loan, shares Crocodile Baby’s understanding of the importance the impact of manufacturing on the environment. In 2004 they opened their first business account at Vancity and eventually transferred more of their financial portfolio to the credit union. Crocodile Baby’s devotion to running an environmentally conscious business has paid off—they have expanded from one to four stores in the Lower Mainland and won the 2013 Best Baby Store in Vancouver award from the Georgia Straight.