Board of Directors

What does your Board of Directors do? In addition to setting the strategic direction for Vancity, it also hires the Chief Executive Officer, who is accountable to the Board. Together, they provide leadership to ensure the day-to-day business conducted by Vancity reflects the values on which the credit union was founded, all in the interest of serving you and your community.

The Vancity Board

The Board is your voice at Vancity. Nine directors, elected by you, each serving a three-year term. Directors can serve up to four consecutive terms if re-elected by the membership.

Board Committees

The Board establishes committees to help with the diverse components of its work. Committees are delegated specific duties and assume responsibility for seeking and reviewing information, formulating advice and making recommendations to the Board, on which it may then take action.

Directors: Good Governance in practice

“Leaders are made…”

A director is elected. But how do they become, or continue to be, effective board members?

Annual reporting to members

Click here for annual statistics on director attendance, professional development, remuneration and expenses, and to download a copy of the Annual Report.


Board Diversity Statement

As a credit union and financial cooperative, diversity and inclusion is at the core of who we are. A board diversity statement is a commitment to growth and learning among board members, and provides a form of leadership.

Communicating with the Board

Board of Directors
Vancity Centre
183 Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6A 4G2