Shared Success

Together, we share our success. Thank you.

We’re sharing 30% of our 2016 net profits with members and communities through our Shared Success program.

That’s 0

At Squamish Savings, we put your deposits to good in our community and generate profits that we share through the Shared Success program.

We support organizations that focus on the three areas where we feel we can make the most impact in creating healthy communities: co-operative principles and practices, social justice and financial inclusion, and environmental sustainability. See a complete list of 2016 Shared Success recipients.

We also deposit bonuses, rebates and dividends directly into your accounts.

Sharing with members

You earn: Appear under:

Shared Success Bonus on interest earned on non-registered chequing, savings, term deposit accounts: 3.15%

Shared Success Rebate on interest paid on loans and mortgages: 0.50%

Shared Success Invest Bonus on the average balance of the non-registered investments and RESP investments held at Credential Group and Vancity Investment Management (VCIM): 0.09%

Shared Success Patronage account*

Shared Success Bonus on interest earned on registered savings and term deposit accounts: 3.15%

RRSP/TFSA/RRIF Jumpstart™ High Interest Savings account

Shared Success Dividends on Membership Shares: 3.25%

Class B Membership Shares

*For members in joint relationships, any payment earned on jointly held accounts will be allocated evenly and paid into each individual member’s Shared Success Patronage account (i.e. accounts such as mortgages or non-registered term deposit).

Note: Bonuses and rebates in your Shared Success Patronage account, and dividends in your Class B Membership Shares account are considered interest income by Canada Revenue Agency and will be included in your T5 for the year 2017.

For this year only:

We’re paying in two portions, as the payments are based on both the old banking system and the new banking system which was implemented in November 2016.

  • The first deposit was made at the end of March 2017, based on your account activity from January to October 2016.
  • The second deposit was made at the end of June 2017, based on the remaining 2 months, November to December 2016.

In both cases, the payment is calculated the same way. Together, we'll be paying out 100% of the Shared Success program.

Note, the Shared Success Invest Bonus related to Credential and VCIM was paid in full in late March.

Building better communities

Shared Success is a critical way for us to support organizations that are strengthening our communities. Shared Success assists hundreds of these organizations to deliver initiatives aligned with our guiding principles for building healthy communities: co-operative practices flourishing, environmental sustainability, and social justice and financial inclusion. Mike Matsuo, VP Community Business & Investment, Vancity

Even more sharing

By doing business with us, you’re reaching your financial goals while building a vibrant community. The Squamish Credit Union Legacy Fund was established in 2005 when we merged with Vancity and became a division of Canada’s largest credit union. The fund is intended to commemorate Squamish Credit Union’s rich sixty year history and the loyalty of the many members that contributed to its success during that time. To donate your Shared Success payout to the you can simply do one of the following:

  1. Log in to your online banking account and send us a message via the Secure Message Form
  2. Call us at 604.892.8350 or toll free at 1.888.826.2489
  3. Visit Chieftain Centre community branch.