Squamish ICBC Information

Important information for all ICBC customers

Underinsured Motorist Protection

  • Your ICBC policy provides a maximum $1,000,000 limit, even if you have purchased higher limits of liability.
  • For only $25 per year an additional $1,000,000 protection can be provided on a separate annual policy
  • Ask us for more details on this valuable protection for you, your family and passengers

Special Limits of Insurance

  • $1,000 Sound Equipment
  • $5,000 Attached Equipment including paint
  • $2,000 Contents of Motor Home

Discounts available

  • Seniors Discount at age 65
  • Handicapped Discount
  • Alarm System Discount (Immobiliser only)

Road Star Package

  • This package is available to all Road Stars and provides four valuable coverages:
  • Lock Replacement of your car keys are stolen
  • Loss of use: up to $500 substitute transportation (no waiting period) if your vehicle is in an accident or stolen
  • Annual Travel Protection: extra expenses if you vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident outside B.C.
  • Annual Rental Vehicle Policy: Collision, Comprehensive, Third Party Liability, Underinsured Motorist Protection, Accident Benefits and Loss of Use

NOTE: If your vehicle is less than 3 years old, you can add:

  • Limited Depreciation Policy
  • Replacement Cost Policy

Special Coverage for Special Vehicles

  • Fuel Conversion Equipment Replacement Policy
  • Excess Special Equipment Policy
  • Vintage Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Collector Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Unlicensed Vehicle Policy for vehicles "in storage or used off road"
  • Interim Binder of Insurance for importing a vehicle from outside B.C.

Do you travel?

  • You should carry a minimum of 3,000,000 Third Party Liability on your vehicle
  • You should purchase an Annual Excess Underinsured Motorist Policy
  • You should purchase a Rental Vehicle Policy (included with Road Star Package)

Business, Commercial and Vehicles used for Employment

  • Amend rates for Business and Delivery
  • Special rates available for Farmers, Fishermen, Tradesmen
  • Special Fleet Discounts for 5 vehicles or more