Browser certificates and SSL

What is EV?
All modern browsers support a technology known as extended validation, or EV, which provides colour-coded alerts that instantly inform you of the validity of a website, allowing you to visually verify authenticity and further reduce the threat of attacks.

What do the colours mean?
EV technology uses several colours to inform you of the authenticity of a website.

Red with “Phishing Website” warning – This is a reported phishing site. Vancity web pages never have a red address bar. If you see the red bar, stop browsing on this page. Don’t enter any personal information and notify Vancity immediately.

Red with “Certificate Error” warning – The website’s credentials are invalid or there is a problem with its security certificate. Vancity web pages never have a red address bar. If you see this red bar and message, verify the URL. If it’s correct and still red, let us know.

White – This colour is used for web pages that don’t normally request or display personal information. Avoid entering sensitive personal information.

Green with Vancity name – Your browser has confirmed the authenticity of our web pages that ask for your personal access codes and questions. You can verify the security of the web page before you enter personal information, by looking for all of the following elements:

    • Green address bar
    • “Lock” icon
    • The name “”
    • VeriSign name

What is SSL?
SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL certificate assures site visitors that the site they are browsing is a safe place to provide information and conduct online transactions. Certification requires site operators to undergo rigorous scrutiny with a certificate authority. It is this strict certification that restores confidence among users that a site is a legally established business or organization with a verifiable identity.

What is EV SSL?
EV SSL certification is the symbol for the highest level of security for an online business. maintains EV SSL certification so you can always trust us with your money. 

Which browsers support EV technology?
EV technology is available with these minimum or later versions of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Firefox 3
  • Safari 4
  • Opera 9.5
  • Google Chrome
  • Flock 2.0
If you are using an earlier browser like Internet Explorer 6, you can still confirm the security of Just look for the “lock” icon at the bottom of the browser frame.
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