Flexible term deposits

With our flexible term deposits you earn competitive interest without having to lock up your money. And with five savings options to choose from, there's probably an investment option that's just right for you.

There are three easy ways to purchase a term deposit

3-year Escalating Term Deposit

  • Minimum investment is $500
  • Rates guaranteed to increase each year
  • Redeemable or convertible at each anniversary with full interest
  • Interest paid annually
  • RRSP investment options available for three- and five-year terms
  • TFSA option available for three-year terms

How much can I earn?

Calculate how much you can earn with our 3-year escalating term deposit interest calculator.

Cashable term deposit

  • Minimum investment is $500 (must remain invested after partial withdrawal)
  • Cashable at any time
  • Available with 30- or 90-day lockout periods (Full interest paid after lockout period. No interest paid if cashed within the lockout period.)
  • Term deposit with 30-day lockout period is TFSA-eligible
  • Not eligible for RRSPs or RRIFs