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Cashable term deposit

Put your funds in a safe place, while waiting to decide what to do with them. With a cashable term deposit, you have the flexibility to leave funds in or cash out a partial amount or the full amount at any time.* The choice is yours. It’s a great way to build your savings by putting it in a good place.

  • Accessibility and flexibility
    Choose to leave funds in for the whole term. Or cash them out—fully or partially—at any time.*
  • Build savings faster
    Reach your financial goals sooner with a cashable term deposit and its competitive interest rate.
  • Build a better community
    Your money helps fund loans to businesses and organizations doing good work in your community.
  • 100% guaranteed
    As a credit union member, you receive unlimited depositor protection from the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.
  • Affordability
    Start building your wealth with as little as $500.
  • Guaranteed returns
    Your interest rate will not change for the length of the term.
  • TFSA eligible
    Earn tax-free interest when you put your term deposit into a tax-free savings account (TFSA).

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To open a non-registered term deposit or add a term deposit to an existing TFSA, RRSP, RRIF or RDSP:

  • Login to online banking
  • Go to Account Services and select "Open an account".
  • If you're opening a short term redeemable term deposit and would like to specify a length down to the day rather than rounding to the nearest month (ex. 6 months and 15 days), please book an appointment or call us.

Want to open a new TFSA, RRSP, RRIF or RDSP and invest in term deposits?

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* All or part of the deposit may be withdrawn at any time, but deposit must be held for the length of the chosen lockout period (30 days or 90 days) to earn interest. Interest rate is per year and all interest is paid at maturity. Interest rate may change without notice. $500 minimum deposit (must remain invested after partial withdrawal). Non transferable. TFSA eligible.
Note: If partially redeemed during lock out period, remaining funds to be reinvested into a new cashable term with the current date and applicable interest rate at the time of term creation.