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TFSA non-redeemable term deposits

A TFSA non-redeemable term deposit provides an ideal opportunity to save – knowing you are guaranteed a fixed interest rate for a set period. In fact, because the rate is locked in for the length of the term, your investment typically earns a higher rate. Plus, because it’s a TFSA, you enjoy the added benefit of the interest accumulating tax-free.

  • minimum investment is $500
  • interest is guaranteed
  • short term deposits are from 90 to 364 days, with interest compounded at maturity
  • long term deposits are from 1 to 5 years, with interest compounded annually.
  • only redeemable at maturity, at the end of the term

There are three easy ways to purchase a term deposit


Place funds in a term deposit early in the calendar year to maximize the accumulation of interest (and therefore the tax you save).

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