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TFSA flexible term deposits

A choice of investment options that offer a range of flexibility and interest rates to meet your investment objectives.

There are three easy ways to purchase a term deposit

The TFSA 1-year cashable term (with 30-day lockout)

The TFSA 1-year cashable term deposit is a short-term investor’s dream. Not only does it boast the flexibility of a redeemable product, it offers a competitive guaranteed rate and, of course, tax-free earnings.

Length of term: 1 year with 30-day lockout (meaning you can access your funds without penalty after the first 30 days.) .

Features and benefits

  • Minimum deposit is $500
  • Interest is compounded annually
  • Accrued interest is tax-free
  • The rate is guaranteed for the period of the 1-year term
  • Lockout period is 30 days (no interest paid if cashed within this period)
  • Cashable at any time, in part or in full

TFSA 3-year escalating term deposit

Provides you with an interest rate guaranteed to rise within the 3-year term and the flexibility to redeem at the end of each year.

  • minimum investment is $500
  • typically pays higher interest than regular three-year term deposits
  • redeem without penalty at the end of each year
  • interest compounded annually

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TFSA tip: Place funds in a term deposit early in the calendar year to maximize the accumulation of interest (and therefore the tax you save).

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