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RRIF flexible term deposits

You have a choice of five investment options that offer a range of flexibility and interest rates to meet your investment objectives.

1-year convertible term deposit

A convertible term deposit is a safe way to invest surplus cash. Your money earns competitive interest while you decide how to invest your funds.

  • minimum investment is $500
  • switch your investment free at any time to another term deposit or investment product offered by Vancity
  • interest rate guaranteed for one year

3-year escalating term deposit

Provides you with an interest rate that rises and the flexibility to switch to another investment without penalty.

  • minimum investment is $500
  • typically pays higher interest than regular three-year term deposits
  • convertible at each anniversary to another term deposit or investment product offered by Vancity
  • full interest paid up to the date of redemption
  • interest compounded annually

How much can I earn?

Calculate how much you can earn with our .

5-year escalating term deposit

Guaranteed rate increases keep your returns on the rise. On the third and fourth anniversary, you are free to switch your investment to any investment option without interest penalty.

  • minimum investment starts at $500
  • typically pays higher interest rate than regular 5-year term deposits
  • convertible on the third and fourth anniversary to another term deposit for the remaining length of the term or to another investment product offered by Vancity
  • interest compounded annually

Easy ways to purchase a RRIF term deposit

  1. Call Member Services Centre at 604-877-7000 or toll free at 1-888-Vancity (826-2489)
  2. Visit your Vancity branch