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RRIF Savings Account

Our RRIF Savings Account is a great investment choice for short-term deposits. It enables you to accumulate your savings and earn competitive interest while you decide on long-term investment options.

A new RRIF Jumpstart Savings account will be launching on or after October 1, 2016.

Features and benefits

  • balances under $50,000 earn tiered interest — the higher your balance, the higher your rate
  • balances $50,000 and more earn split interest — your deposit is split into portions where different interest rates are paid on each portion
  • variable interest rate calculated on the daily closing balance and paid semi-annually
  • deposits can be made at any time
  • transfers to other Vancity investments can be made at any time, withdrawals can be made 30 days from initial deposit*.

There are three easy ways to open a RRIF savings account

*RRIF accounts closed within the first 90 days earn no interest, except on funds transferred to another Vancity RRIF, which may be done anytime. A fee will apply for transfers to another financial institution.