Small business loans

A unique way of helping people who might not qualify for or need a conventional loan

We don’t look at just your credit history when we consider a microloan. We also consider your ambition, character and determination.

Microborrowers are

  • Entrepreneurs with great ideas and limited resources
  • People looking to enter a trade or profession
  • Newcomers to Canada who need to build credit history
  • People who need to repair credit history

Microfinance can help

  • Start a business
  • Upgrade education
  • Renew certifications
  • Buy tools & equipment to start working

Vancity offers two types of microfinance


Circle Lending

If you are a group coming together to support each other through the early stages of a micro-business then have a look at our Circle Lending loan. Also known as Peer Lending, this loan is best suited for people in a shared community.

Circle Lending loans often support kitchen-table businesses, and are great for building local enterprise and credit histories.

With These Hands Limit Repayment period

If you have recently graduated from trade school or have a job offer in a new field but don't have the cash to set yourself up with the tools or equipment required then our With These Hands loan will provide some upfront cash to launch you on your way.

Back to Work $15,000 up to 60 months

If you are a newcomer to Canada and need some help getting back into your previous line of work our Back to Work loan can help.

The loan can support you with the costs of a challenge exam, or cover professional fees.


Limit Repayment period
Urban Shoots up to $20,000 up to 24 months

Offered by The Island Chefs Collaborative and FarmFolk CityFolk, in partnership with Vancity, this loan of between $1,000 and $10,000 provides

funds for growers, harvesters and processors to invest in equipment and materials to increase the supply of food in the region.

Be My Own Boss up to $50,000 up to 60 months

If you have a great start-up business idea, an entrepreneurial spirit and a business plan then the Be My Own Boss loan may be right for you. You don't yet need a track record, just the drive to succeed.

Small Growers up to $75,000 up to 84 months

If you're growing food on under 50 acres and need up to $75,000 to develop your operation, we'd like to help.

With your business plan, good character and training or experience, you're ready to explore the Small Growers loan.

By Design up to $75,000 up to 84 months

If you're starting up or expanding your creative enterprise and need up to $75,000 to develop your venture, we'd like to help.

With your business plan, good character and training or experience, you're ready to explore the By Design loan.

Next Step up to $75,000 up to 60 months

Is your business is in its second or third year of operation? Do you need capital to grow, or a line of credit to ease the cash flow challenges that often come when a business succeeds and expands?

The Next Step loan is for young, healthy businesses that don't yet qualify for traditional financing.

Aboriginal BEST loan up to $50,000 up to 60 months

Have you finished the Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurial Skills Training (BEST) program and have a great start-up business idea or want to buy or expand an existing business?

The Aboriginal BEST loan can help get your business idea up and running.

Green businesses up to $70,000 up to 60 months

We can provide a business loan based on your entrepreneurial drive, the strength of your idea and the potential of your business plan, instead of just your credit history and collateral.

If you are a small-business owner or start-up social enterprise, then the Microloans for Green Businesses will work for you.

Work-to-Own Co-op loan up to $10,000 up to 84 months

If you have an offer of membership from a worker’s co-op, and you want to contribute your full membership share right away, we’d like to help.

The Work-to-Own co-op loan can help you put your equity to work right away.


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