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Planet-Wise Business Solutions - Business Loan

No matter how big or small, make your business or not‑for‑profit organization more energy‑efficient and climate‑friendly with the Vancity Planet‑Wise Business Solutions Loan. This is good for your bottom line, your community, and the planet.

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What you can use it for: Support to green your business

  • Transportation, for example:
    • Upgrade your fleet to zero- or low‑emission options (for example, electric vehicle, cargo bike).
  • Energy‑efficient equipment for your business, for example:
    • Purchase or upgrade to Energy-star® rated commercial-grade appliances.
    • Purchase of equipment to assist in reducing paper use.
    • Purchase of energy‑efficient process and manufacturing equipment.
  • Building retrofits, for example:
    • Building insulation.
    • High performance windows and weatherstripping.
  • Other energy‑saving products, equipment and technologies will be considered on a case‑by‑case basis, so just ask us.
Note: gas fireplaces and electric baseboard heaters aren’t eligible.

Benefits of a Planet‑Wise business loan

  • Saves money
    You could reduce operating costs by installing high performance lighting or equipment, upgrading your boiler with a cleaner more efficient one, or shifting your fleet to bikes or electric vehicles.
  • Environmental impact
    You may lower your business’s environmental impact, helping to create more livable, climate-ready communities. That’s good news for our planet.
  • Flexibility
    A variety of financing options with flexible repayment terms to help manage cash flow.

Loan details

The Vancity Planet‑Wise Business Solutions Loans are available to entrepreneurs, businesses, not‑for‑profit organizations, housing co‑operatives and strata corporations. We now offer 5 options for business members

  • Term Loan to finance purchases or projects like energy‑saving products, equipment, and technologies with a preferred interest rate at Vancity Prime Rate + 1.00%.
  • Microloan to help finance start‑up entrepreneurs developing green businesses or working on green technologies.

Three mortgage options based on your assets as security to finance purchases or projects like energy‑efficient improvements to your building:

  • Business Mortgage using your owner‑occupied property as security.
  • Commercial Mortgage using your revenue‑generating property as security.
  • Residential Mortgage in a business name using your revenue‑generating residential property as security.


Whether you're starting up, looking to streamline, or planning to expand, we seek to understand your needs holistically so that we can create customized business financing solutions and help ensure your long‑term financial wellbeing.

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