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Interac® sign-in service

Government Sign-in by® is now Interac® sign-in service.

For you, nothing changes. You can continue to rely on the same secure sign in service with your Vancity online banking credentials.

 Government Sign-In by Verified.Me

Using Interac® sign-in service you can access Canada Revenue Agency's My Account and many other Government of Canada sites – just as quickly and securely as you log in to Vancity online banking.

Safe & easy sign-in to Government of Canada websites

Interac® sign-in service lets you use your Vancity online banking credentials to access more than 80 Government of Canada websites without having to keep track of yet another user ID and password. It’s safe, private and convenient. No passwords or personal information are exchanged. Vancity won’t know which government service you’re accessing, and the government won’t know which Sign-In Partner you’re using.

Have any questions?

Visit the Vancity Learning Hub for frequently asked questions about Interac® sign-in service and using Vancity as a Sign-In Partner

Beware of phishing

Neither Vancity nor Interac® sign-in service will ever send you an unprompted email or text message asking you to provide personal or account information.

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