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Paying bills

Paying bills on time is important for maintaining good credit and avoiding late-payment penalties or interest charges. So, we’ve made it easy for you to pay your bills, with a range of options designed to fit your lifestyle and circumstance.

Pay your bills automatically

Never worry about missing payments or late payment fees ever again, with these automated bill-paying options:

  • Pay your Vancity enviro™ Visa* credit card bill automatically

    With an automatic payment for your Vancity enviro™ Visa* set up, you’ll never have to worry about paying additional interest due to late or missed bill payments ever again. Plus, you can choose to make just the minimum monthly payments, or to pay each month’s balance in full†—whatever’s best for you.

    Learn how to set up automatic credit card bill payments

  • Set up pre-authorized bill payments from your Vancity bank account

    Pre-authorized payments are a convenient and hassle-free way to ensure your regular and expected bills are paid on time, every time. They’re a great choice if you want to avoid unwanted late-payment penalties and would prefer not to have to manually pay your recurring bills every time. Plus, they can even help you maintain and improve your credit score.

    Learn how to set up pre-authorized payments from your Vancity bank account

  • Pay your recurring bills automatically with your Vancity enviro™ Visa*

    If you have everyday bills that you have to manually pay at regular intervals—such as your monthly internet, cable, phone, or gym membership—you can set up your Vancity enviro™ Visa* card to automatically pay them. Once set up, you won’t need to worry about missing payments or late payment fees, and you’ll also earn valuable Vancity Rewards points1, too!

    Learn how to set up recurring bill payments on your Vancity enviro™ Visa*

Pay your bills manually

If you prefer to pay your bills manually, here’s how you can do it:

Other ways to pay bills

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you’re caught short of money for bills. And because missing just one bill can negatively affect your credit rating and cost you money in interest payments and penalties, we’ve created a smarter alternative to a payday loans:

Vancity Fair & Fast Loan™

If you need money to cover the cost of your bills, the Vancity Fair & Fast Loan offers quick access to cash without the high costs associated with a payday loan. You can apply for as little as $100 and up to $1,500 and get same-day access2 to the funds, so you can pay your bills, avoid stress, and protect your credit rating.

Learn more about our Fair & Fast Loan


Have a question about paying bills?

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*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

†Automatic payments from another Canadian financial institution can only be set up for the minimum payment amount at this time.

1 You will earn Vancity Rewards points on recurring payments set up at Visa service providers classified in the Visa network as recurring payments. Recurring payments are defined as automatic payments made on a monthly basis billed by the merchant to your enviro Visa card. Recurring payments are typically purchases for telecommunication, insurance, membership, subscriptions etc. Not all merchants offer recurring payments, so please ask them if they offer recurring payments on Visa cards. Some merchants may sell these products/services or are separate merchants who are located on the premises of these merchants, but are classified by Visa in another manner, in which case this added benefit would not apply.

2 Most applications received no later than 90 minutes prior to branch closing time and not requiring any additional information or verification will be funded the same day. Applications received at other times or requiring additional information or verification may not be approved and funded until the next business day.