epost™ delivers your bills online

Simplify the way you manage your bills with epost, a free service from Canada Post. Sign up for epost so you can receive, pay, print and store your monthly bills online from any computer, whenever you want, with total security.

With the epost service, you can:

  • View electronic bills, and schedule payments at your convenience
  • Choose from several major phone, hydro, cable and credit cards companies including Telus and Bell Canada
  • Reduce paper and protect yourself from identity theft by receiving and filing your bills and documents electronically
  • Receive an email letting you know you have a new bill, statement or notice

Getting started with epost is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign-up for your free epost box™
    Login to online banking and click on the epost Sign Up.
  2. Add Mailers
    Once you have signed up for your epost account, you will be directed to your epost box, where you can start adding Mailers. These are the companies you can receive your bills from, electronically.
  3. Receive, view, pay and manage your bills!
    Once your Mailers have been added and your next billing cycle takes effect, you'll receive your bills and documents through our online banking service or at

™ Trademark of Canada Post Corporation.