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Mobile Text Banking

Access your account balances using your mobile phone

If you thought text-messaging was just about teeing up the details for tonight's dinner plans, well, at the risk of being bold, you're wrong.

Introducing Mobile Text Banking.

Check your current account balances and recent transactions 24-hours a day, from wherever you happen to be, simply by using your mobile phone (provided you're within cell range). With such convenient features, Mobile Text Banking provides a whole new reason to text — that doesn't involve the initials “LOL”. (Unless of course you're so excited by your account balance that you do actually laugh out loud.)

Here are the details at a glance. Mobile Text Banking:

  • allows you to access your account balances for up to five of your Vancity accounts — in real-time.
  • allows you to access your five most recent transactions.
  • is fast, easy, and free! (Standard text messaging rates may apply, depending on your carrier and plan.)
  • works on all text-enabled phones. (Please note: the yellow rotary on your grandmother's kitchen wall won't cut it. We'll let you tell her.)

If you're wondering how Mobile Text Banking actually works, it goes like this. Once you are a registered Mobile Text Banking user:

  • to check your account balance, simply text BAL. In a flash, you'll receive a text message with your account balance.
  • to check all of your account balances (up to five accounts), simply text BAL ALL.
  • to check your account history (up to the last five transactions), simply text ACT.

Want to get started? Follow these three easy steps:

Mobile Text Banking

Still have questions?

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