Jumpstart™ program partners

Using a portion of the operating revenue from every Jumpstart™ High Interest Savings Account, we are able to offer a unique community impact program that directly supports the community in fighting poverty and achieving economic self-reliance.

Our program partners include four organizations that help newcomers to Canada feel welcome and included in their new communities through settlement services such as housing, language training, employment training, financial literacy, and microloans. These services help newcomers upgrade, certify, or purchase tools for their chosen field of work.

Each of these program partners is committed to financial inclusion and social justice, two objectives that are core to Vancity’s values-based banking.

  • Abbotsford Community Services Society (ACSS) offers a range of social and community services to more than 37,000 children, youth, families, and seniors of all personal, social, ethnic, and economic groups every year.
  • DiverseCity is focused on promoting the independence of newcomers to Canada and building strong, culturally diverse communities through family services, settlement and community programs, language programs, career services, interpretation and translation services, and a skills training centre.
  • InterCultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) provides information, support, and tools to help newcomers reach their goals and enable individuals and organizations to connect across cultures.
  • MOSAIC is dedicated to addressing issues that affect newcomers and refugees in the course of their settlement and integration into Canadian society through numerous multilingual services and programs.

With Vancity’s support, all four of these agencies also help qualified individuals access microloans of up to $7,500:

  • With These Hands: A loan to help buy tools or equipment needed to enter the labour market in areas such as hospitality, home care and construction
  • Back to Work: A loan to help newcomers upgrade or certify in a field of work in which they already have some training

Together, these four settlement agencies have reaching effects in every community in which our members live and work, including the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley, and Greater Victoria.

Through Jumpstart™, we are able to help our members build their own wealth while supporting greater diversity and economic resilience in all of our communities.