Personal banking account service fees

Fair and reasonable. That's our approach to banking fees.

We're committed to delivering top-quality banking and other financial services at a fair, reasonable price to all our members.

What does it cost to bank at Vancity?

The personal account you choose comes with a suite of Everyday Transactions * that have fees associated with them. Everyday Transactions * include:

  • Everyday In-Person Transactions*
  • Everyday Debit Card Transactions*
  • Everyday Cheque and Preauthorized Payment*
  • Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions*

Depending on the account you choose one or more of these fees may be waived as part of the account package. For example if you choose the Pay As You Go Chequing option and you retain a minimum balance of over $1,000¹ at all times during the month your Everyday Transactions * fees are waived.

Over and above the Everyday Transactions * you use, you may from time to time, require other services. For example, if you want to send an INTERAC® e-Transfer, a wire transfer or need an official cheque, or a safety deposit box, these services are not part of your Everyday Transactions * and there will be fees associated with these services. Please see our Personal Service Charge Bulletin, or contact us.

How can I minimize fees and other costs?

Here are some tips on how Vancity can help you manage your money better:

  • Retain a minimum balance over $1,0001
    In your E Package Chequing or Pay As You Go Chequing accounts and you'll receive free Everyday Transactions *, which also includes monthly fees where applicable.
  • Do your banking online using your mobile phone or mobile device
    Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions* (INTERAC® e-Transfers are excluded) are FREE on all our accounts. All you need is an online banking password to get started.
  • Save with our E Package Chequing Account
    You get unlimited access to Everyday Debit Card Transactions*, Everyday Cheque and Preauthorized Payment* for $7.75/month. And if you want to save more money, maintain a minimum balance over $1,0002 and we will waive this monthly fee plus give you free unlimited Everyday Transactions *.
  • Use Exchange® ATMs or ACCULINK® ATMs for withdrawals in Canada
    To avoid network fees and surcharges that may be charged by the ATM operator or associated network for each transaction. For more details, see here.
  • Are you 55 or older?
    Members age 55+ may enjoy great benefits which include our Chequing Plus, and USD Chequing Plus accounts which offer unlimited FREE Everyday Transactions *.
  • Are you under 25?
    We understand that you are just starting out so we have designed the hassle free Chequing Plus and accounts which gives you unlimited FREE Everyday Transactions *.
  • Vancity members with disabilities
    Our Access Chequing account offers Vancity members with disabilities 40 FREE Everyday Transactions * per month plus unlimited FREE ATM access through Exchange/ACCULINK, INTERAC®, ACCEL and Cirrus ATM Networks. See your branch for further details.

* Hover over the asterisk to see details.

1 You must retain a minimum of $1000.00 in Your Account at all times for the full calendar month for Everyday Transaction fees and monthly package fee (if applicable) to be waived.

2 Additional Vancity and third-party fees will apply for services not classified as Everyday Transactions and, in certain circumstances, include fees for: a) ATM network fees if you use any Canadian ATM that is not an Exchange® ATM or ACCULINK® ATM. b) ATM network fees if you use a US/international ATM. c) INTERAC® e-Transfers that are subject to a fee. d) Fees for additional services that you choose from Vancity.
You may also be charged third-party fees including: e) A surcharge (convenience fee, and/or a foreign exchange conversion fee) by the ATM or POS operator and all associated networks engaged for the ATM or POS Transactions. f) Merchant fees when you use your debit card to pay for purchases. g) Fees charged by your mobile phone service provider; please request details from your service provider.

Review the fee schedule. Fees are subject to change.

® Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.