Chequing Plus

An account for Youth members under 25 and members age 55+.

Account features

  • Free Everyday Transactions *

Please visit your local community branch or call 1.888.Vancity (826.2489) to see if you qualify and open an account to take full advantage of these additional member benefits.

Everyday Transactions * fees¹

Monthly fee NONE

Everyday In-Person Transactions*:

  • Account withdrawals
  • Bill payments
  • Transfers to or from Vancity accounts

Everyday Debit Card Transactions*:

  • Debit card purchases
  • ATM debit card withdrawals or ATM transfers from accounts

Everyday Cheque and Preauthorized Payment*:

  • Cheque payments and preauthorized payments from Vancity accounts

Everyday Online and Mobile Transactions*:

  • Bill payments
  • Cheque deposit using Vancity Mobile Deposit™
  • Transfers from Vancity accounts made online using a computer, mobile phone or device; or using our automated phone banking service (excludes INTERAC® e-Transfers*).

Interest rates

In addition

YOUTH members (under 25) enjoy

  • FREE first cheque order of 50 Vancity personalized cheques2

Please note that there is a cost associated with further orders of cheques. For details and up-to-date pricing, contact us.

Members (age 55+) enjoy

  • FREE cheque orders of 50 Vancity personalized cheques
  • FREE travellers cheques
  • FREE official cheques
  • FREE US dollar drafts
  • $5 off safety deposit box charges

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Good Money™ has the savings account to complement your Chequing Plus account

If you like the features of our Chequing Plus account, and you'd like to earn interest on your savings, consider our Jumpstart® High Interest Savings Account.

* Click on the asterisk to see details.

¹ Additional Vancity and third-party fees will apply for services not classified as Everyday Transactions and, in certain circumstances, include fees for: a) ATM network fees if you use any Canadian ATM that is not an Exchange® ATM or ACCULINK® ATM. b) ATM network fees if you use a US/international ATM. c) INTERAC® e-Transfers that are subject to a fee. d) Fees for additional services that you choose from Vancity.

You may also be charged third-party fees including: e) A surcharge (convenience fee, and/or a foreign exchange conversion fee) by the ATM or POS operator and all associated networks engaged for the ATM or POS Transactions. f) Merchant fees when you use your debit card to pay for purchases. g) Fees charged by your mobile phone service provider; please request details from your service provider.

2 Members need to visit a Vancity branch in order to obtain personalized cheques.

Review the fee schedule. Fees are subject to change.

® Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.