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Reducing emissions

Reducing our emissions – a lifelong journey

We're focused on reducing our emissions in the following areas:

And while the work we've done so far to reduce emissions has helped us to reach the important milestone of carbon neutrality, this work is an ongoing journey. This year and in the years to come, our focus is on staying carbon neutral and on finding new and creative ways to reduce our emissions.

While we've done our best to reach this milestone in the most responsible way possible (and our auditors have given our work their blessing), we know that there's much more that we can do to reduce our environmental impact.

As a financial institution, there is much that we can do to enable others to take action against climate change too. Read on for more on what else Vancity's doing to take action against climate change.

How are we doing?

Through our efforts to be more energy efficient, to travel more sustainably, and to reduce paper use and waste, we have reduced our total carbon footprint by almost 9% since 2007.