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Profit Sharing at Vancity

Every year, we share 30% of our net profits with Vancity members and the community through our Shared Success program. This year, we’re sharing $24,200,000, including $12.1 million to our members.
Through Shared Success, it’s possible for you to make money while making where you live better. The more business you do with us, the more you earn and the more the community benefits.

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So you can support your neighborhood taco bar while enjoying these Vancity services:

  • Profit sharing and member dividends
  • 4,000 no-extra-cost ATMs
  • In-branch services such as free coin counters
    and meeting room facilities
  • Competitive mortgage rates and socially
    responsible investment options
  • A vote in how Vancity is led
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Join over half a million Vancity members and make money while making where you live better.

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