Choose Good Money

Do you know what
your money is doing?

Growing your
local economy

Building your

At Vancity, you do.

Your money gets loaned to local businesses, so you make money while making your community better.

We use the interest earned on loans to pay you the interest on your deposits.

We share parts of our profits with you as a Vancity member and we also invest back into the local community.

Your Good Money at work

Local businesses

BC Garlic Growers

Abdul started BC Garlic Growers after being laid off in the 2008 recession. He wanted to pursue his dream of growing local food but needed financing beyond what his bank provided. After he came to Vancity for help, we were able to help him restructure his business and personal debt and open up additional capital for him to invest in and grow BC Garlic.

Community enterprises

First Avenue Athletes Village Housing Co-operative

Vancouver has the dubious distinction of being one of the most expensive cities in which to live. But a partnership between Vancity and the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC to finance a 60-year lease at the First Avenue Athletes Village Housing Co-op is making downtown living a little more affordable for the average family.

You have a choice about what your money does.