BullyWool Yarns and Fibers promotes local, sustainable wool

BullyWool Yarns and Fibers

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“Five years ago, I didn’t even know how yarn was made,” says Jordan Birk says with a smile, “and then a farmer gives me three garbage bags full of wool—just like the nursery rhyme!"

Now Jordan, the owner of BullyWool Yarns and Fibers, has a vibrant business creating custom, sustainable yarn, and educating people on the use of local fibers.

“It’s almost impossible to buy BC wool,” she says. “We export millions of pounds of raw wool overseas, where it is mixed with other fibers, and then purchase it back as a foreign import. Meanwhile, BC farmers are burning their excess fleece because there is no local market for it.”

BullyWool aims to keep it local. A Vancity microloan helped Jordan develop marketing tools including a website, social media strategy, packaging and displays to promote her business. The investment allowed Jordan develop online distribution channels that are helping grow the local market.

“Our wool is wool with an edge,” says Jordan.

“It is not about following aimlessly, or ‘being a sheep,’ as they say. It is about making better decisions, taking better actions, and creating better incomes for people and better treatment for animals.”