Program guidelines and criteria

We are in the process of updating the Community Partnership Program criteria to align with Vancity’s 2020 focus areas. Please check back in March for new opportunities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding existing applications, you can connect with us at

Vancity’s Community Partnership Program, funded through our Shared Success program, welcomes opportunities to work with local not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, co-operatives, labour unions, First Nation governments that align with our values. Projects considered for investment through the Community Partnership Program will focus on the following three areas where we feel we can make the most impact in creating healthy communities. These themes of co-operative principles and practices, social justice and financial inclusion, and environmental sustainability are Vancity’s guiding principles and they are core to our vision, values and mission as a member-owned financial co-operative. We will only consider investing in projects that have measurable results within one or more of these guiding principles:

Maximum funding amount : $10,000.

Co-operative principles and practice

Good Money™ invests for positive change in the community by supporting organizations that have social and economic objectives and put profits at the service of people. Supported organizations, projects or events could include those that:

  • Increase sustainable local economic development and purchasing by supporting organizations that promote and strengthen mission-based businesses, cooperatives, social enterprises, community owned businesses, and values-aligned local business networks
  • Expand social enterprises owned by not-for-profits, co-operatives or First Nation governments that create employment or training opportunities for the underserved, support a social or environmental mission, and align to Vancity's priorities
  • Improve the not-for-profit sector by supporting sector networks, resource sharing within the sector, or advancing not-for-profit leadership

Social justice and financial inclusion

Good Money™ strengthens community by helping people build their wealth, with a focus on building economic self-reliance and resilience. Supported organizations, projects or events could include those that:

  • Increase access and participation by enhancing access to housing, employment and financial services, particularly for underserved communities
  • Improve financial skills and knowledge through financial literacy and programs that enhance financial independence
  • Expand employment or pre-employment training and skills development for underserved communities, including marginalized youth (ages 14-18)
  • Represent and involve Indigenous communities in local community economic development
  • Incorporate Indigenous history and culture within educational programs to raise awareness and understanding, support Indigenous student’s transition through the education system, and enhance graduation rates

Environmental sustainability

Good Money™ enhances our wellbeing by protecting our environment and supporting sustainability in business and society. Supported organizations, projects or events could include those that:

  • Support actions or initiatives that drive environmental performance improvements (including behaviour change), and lead to measurable shifts toward environmental sustainability (e.g. re-use, recycle or upcycle, water conservation, energy-efficiency, etc.)
  • Promote alternative transportation such as public transit, cycling, ride share and car cooperatives to improve air quality
  • Increase eco-efficiency, renewable energy solutions and/or technology; promoting the development and/or demonstration of energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies and supply (e.g. solar panels, biodiesel from used cooking oil, etc.)
  • Build the green economy by supporting local, sustainable purchasing initiatives, circular economic development, and networks or projects driving toward sustainability in business
  • Grow local and sustainable food through sustainable agriculture and fisheries including community gardens, farmers markets, local and organic food sector initiatives, and/or food production
  • Build and protect natural habitat by restoring and preserving natural habitats and eco-systems including forests, rivers, wetlands and bogs

Application tips

It is important that your application address the following key elements:

  • What measurements do you have in place to assess success? How can you evaluate the impact of your program?
  • What does reciprocity look like for Vancity? Is it how your program will drive our guiding principles? Are there opportunities for Vancity to be involved in a meaningful way that is aligned to the business of the credit union?
  • How will you advance towards sustainability to ensure your program or project will not be reliant on Vancity’s funding in the future? How are you building self-reliance in your organization?


Community Partnership Program applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Reviews will take a maximum of 12-14 weeks to complete.

Vancity’s Ethical Principles for Business Relationships

Vancity is a financial co-operative that seeks to work with organizations that support the values of:

  • accountable and sustainable business leadership that engages in cooperative principles and practices
  • economic and social inclusion for all people
  • strong and resilient communities
  • environmental and sustainability leadership

By working together, there will be many more opportunities for both of our organizations to make a positive impact on our community.

Areas we do not support

The Community Partnership Program does not support sports, health care, tobacco, gaming, or alcohol-related organizations. We also currently do not support income tax sites & matched savings programs.