Final report guidelines

Vancity requests organizations we fund to submit a final report 30 days after the completion of the program or project. Failure to submit this report may result in your organization being ineligible for future funding considerations.

Please complete the following and submit by email to

Part One: Basic information

  • Date (of report submitted)
  • Organization Name
  • Funding reference number

Part Two: Summary of achievements

  • Provide 3-5 bullet points on the key achievements of the project / program

Part Three: Sharing your story

  • Provide 1-2 digital photos showing the activities and / or specific measureable impact outcomes of your project or program. Note that these photos may appear on Vancity’s website or other media.
  • Provide a 250 word summary sharing a story from your project or program.

Part Four: Budget

Please provide a detailed budget of where the full funding provided by Vancity was spent including the specific item and budgeted amount.