Juvarya Veltkamp

Juvarya Veltkamp

As members of Vancity, we all choose to bank with our values in mind and deposit our money where it can make a difference in our communities. We know this requires that Vancity is carefully managed to ensure long-term sustainability for its members and for our communities.

Juvarya Veltkamp
Director, Vancity Board of Directors

With 16 years of experience helping businesses unlock the economic opportunities of addressing societal challenges, Juvarya is committed to helping industry and government account for people and planet in decision-making. She sees Vancity as a model of how we can respond to today’s challenges in a way that accounts for human values (like diversity and inclusion) and environmental factors (like carbon accounting and climate risk assessment).

Juvarya believes that navigating the current climate crisis will require strong and capable leadership to reevaluate how we’ve been making decisions and keep up with the deep systemic changes happening around us. A life-long learner herself, she is dedicated to helping others respond to this shifting landscape and recognize the opportunity to build back better.

As Director of the Canada Climate Law Initiative, Juvarya provides oversight for a national research program that helps steer organizations towards resilient and sustainable strategies through climate governance education. Since she joined the initiative in 2020, it has supported 53 Boards across Canada in providing effective oversight, engagement and leadership focused on climate-related risks and opportunities. Prior to this, Juvarya spent ten years designing and executing the City of Vancouver’s green economy strategy to introduce low-carbon, local solutions and grow green jobs.

She holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia, a BA (Hons) in Economics and Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, U.K., and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in International Business from Capilano University. She is also a certified Sustainability and Climate Risk SCR professional and holds a Global Competent Boards GCB.D designation.

In addition to serving on Vancity’s Board, she is a board director for the Compassionate Eye Foundation and helped found the infertility patient advocacy group IVF4BC.

Juvarya was born in England and grew up in Saudi Arabia before returning to London, England where she lived for many years. She and her husband, Shaun, opened their first joint account together at Vancity’s Chinatown branch, which they count as a key milestone of their trust and commitment to each other. They now live in Squamish with their two children and two cats.


  • Elected in 2021
  • Currently serving a first term (2021-2024)


  • Member, Audit Committee
  • Member, Governance Committee
  • Member, Risk Committee
  • Member, Technology Committee